How To Start Your First Side Hustle – Amy White

How To Start Your First Side Hustle

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Are you struggling to find enough money at the end of the month to pay all your bills?  Do you want to finally be able to stop stressing about money? 

If so, starting a side hustle is a great way to earn a little bit of extra money. 

Starting a side hustle is super easy, actually making money takes a little bit more work. 

I've started and managed multiple businesses over the last twenty years and have included everything I've learned in my new book How To Start Your First Side Hustle

In this book I go over the following areas plus a whole lot more:

  • Business structure, banking and other governmental requirements. 
  • Deap dive into finding your skills and passions and how they can be used to make money. 
  • How to find and retain customers.
  • What side hustles are easiest to start and quickly begin making money.
  • Passive vs. active money making.
  • How to start a business without money and what to do if you need money to get started. 

This book is full of actionable steps that anyone can take to get started and will help you get started while avoiding many of the mistakes that beginning entrepreneurs typically face. 

I wrote this book specifically for anyone who is trying to start a business during the fringe hours in their life.  I focus on how to make time in your life to start a business and how to manage your business while balancing your regular job and family.

If you are ready to start your first business you need this book!